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Orthodontics encompasses much more than just making the teeth straight. When the teeth are not in proper alignment, our teeth can take on undesirable pressure from the force of our bite. This is called “traumatic occlusion.” This leads to wear on our teeth where our teeth basically break down.

Notches & Wear Spots

Notches on our teeth at the gumline can appear like this:

Many dentists will see this and just place fillings. However, because it is the traumatic occlusion that has caused this, the fillings are only acting as a band-aid. As the force of the bite has not been addressed, the notches will just come back. Only by aligning the teeth properly with orthodontics will this be fixed, definitively.

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Instead of notches on the side of our teeth, traumatic occlusion can also present as wear spots on the tops of our teeth a.k.a. the part of the teeth that we use to chew. This is because the teeth should come together and bite a certain way. If our bite is “off,” then our teeth will wear themselves away. For example:

Again - fillings could be placed by a dentist who is not trained to recognize and treat this problem correctly, but that only covers up the problem. We need the teeth aligned to bite properly for this to truly be fixed.

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Better Than Plastic Surgery!

When we have orthodontic issues in the form of our arches a.k.a. our jaws, our entire face can look collapsed. By correcting our teeth so that we have proper form for our jaws, we can look like a whole new person. The results can end up looking better than plastic surgery!

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